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ICUB BULLETIN Summer 2018 Published by the IOWA COUNCIL OF THE UNITED BLIND Web An Affiliate of the American Council of the Blind Carrie Chapman, President 200 Parkview Dr. Waukee, IA 50263 (515) 657-1461 E-Mail: Norma A. Boge, Co-Editor 2324 Riverwoods Ave. Des Moines, IA 50320-2808 (515) 288-1938 E-Mail: Don Wirth, Co-Editor 921 – 9th St., #208 Ames, IA 50010 (515) 451-3779 E-Mail: SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: The ICUB Bulletin is available in large print, via email, and on an NLS-compliant digital audio cartridge. To subscribe to the cartridge edition, please contact the Iowa Department for the Blind Library at 515-281-1368 or in Iowa 800-362-2587, ext. 1-1368. Please direct other questions about format and address changes to Co-Editor Norma A. Boge. SELECTING ICUB AS A BENEFICIARY If you or a friend would like to remember the Iowa Council of the United Blind in your will, you may do so by using the following language: “I grant, devise, or bequeath unto the Iowa Council of the United Blind, a non-profit charitable organization, the sum of ______ dollars, ____ percent of my net estate, or the following stocks and bonds (please list them) to be used for its worthy purposes on behalf of blind persons.” If your wishes are more complex, you may have your attorney call (515) 279-4284, or write Iowa Council of the United Blind, 4013 30TH Street, Des Moines, IA 50310. DONATING YOUR VEHICLE TO BENEFIT ICUB Do you need to dispose of a used vehicle? ICUB's Used Vehicle Donation Program offers a perfect solution. Your vehicle will be picked up from your home and sold at auction. A portion of the proceeds go directly to ICUB. You claim a tax deduction equal to the dollar value of the vehicle. Call 800-899-4925 for more information. SHOPPING TO BENEFIT ICUB! Are you an online shopper? You can help ICUB secure some additional funds when you shop at There, enter your e-mail address and password. You will be prompted to shop for the charity Amazon is promoting that day or to select your own. In the dialog box for selecting your own, type our name, Iowa Council of the United Blind. We will be the charity of choice each time you shop at ICUB will receive 0.5% of the value of purchases. If you do not yet have an account at Amazon, go to their website, establish an account, and then go to to make your purchases. Happy shopping! Contents

President’s Message. 4 Farewells. 5 Fundraising Committee Update. 7 Membership Committee Report 8 Wow! My First ACB National Convention. 9 Life Coach Corner 10 Summaries of ICUB Board Meeting Minutes. 11 Obituaries. 18 Across Iowa At Large Chapter 23 Dubuque Chapter Banquet 24 2018 Resolutions. 25 In Memoriam.. 27 News You Can Use. 28 ICUB Officers and Directors. 29

President’s Message

By Carrie Chapman

Hello ICUB members and friends,

How is it possible that we are half way through the year already? I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and staying cool. My second grandson is due any day now. And Aydin, my first one, is starting to talk and run around. He is so much fun and such a blessing.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who attended and was able to listen in on our convention last April. It was a jammed packed weekend with lots of valuable information. We had speakers to cover just about anyone’s interests, tons of exhibitors eager and willing to share information, and even some four legged critters. A special thanks to our planning committee and many volunteers. We absolutely would not be able to do our convention without you.

A few weeks ago you sent me to the ACB National Convention, in St. Louis, Missouri. Along with me, we had approximately 21 people join us from across Iowa! Although the Union Station Hotel proved to be challenging for everyone, we managed with the help of many wonderful volunteers from all over the United States. During the convention, ACB President Kim Charlson announced the U.S. Senate passage of the Marrakech Treaty. They have no reason to believe this will not pass through the House of Representatives. Once this is done this will allow accessible material to be made available and shared internationally. This is a good example of what our voice can do. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this conference and convention. I always learn so much and will be sharing more with you throughout the year. If you would like to listen to the convention archives go to

The app I want to tell you about this time is Microsoft Soundscape. Microsoft Soundscape uses 3D audio technology to enhance your awareness of what is around you, and thereby help you get around and explore your surroundings. You can set a beacon of where you want to go. It can tell you what direction you are facing and even alert you to street names that are coming up. It has many great features and is constantly improving. The only drawback that I have found is it drains my battery life fairly quickly. I would suggest making sure when you are done using this that it is not still running in the background.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer.


By Don Wirth

At the ICUB state convention and conference in April, two board members stepped down from the ICUB board of directors: Mike Hoenig and Linda Manders Gonzales. Both have been long time members of ICUB and will continue their membership. Both contributed greatly to the advancement of ICUB during their tenure on the board.

Being a board member represents a special dedication to our organization. Much of their work is not seen, but our organization would be much the poorer if the board members did not step forward to put in the extra effort.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Mike and Linda for their work.

Speaking of special effort, how about Norma Boge? This issue represents the last with Norma as co-editor. Over the last several years, Norma and I have worked together to put out these issues. I can truthfully say that Norma has borne the lion’s share of the work. She has done the lay-out, made the material fit the space available, edited and wrote articles, managed the publication and distribution of the various formats of the publication and many, many more tasks.

Perhaps our greatest accomplishment as co-editors was the retirement of cassette distribution without losing contact with those who read the Bulletin in this format. Norma provided the shepherding and prodding to bring this process to fruition.

On behalf of all readers of the Bulletin, all of ICUB and most personally myself, a huge thank you to Norma for all your work. We will miss you and can only hope the Bulletin is as good a publication without you as it has been with you.

Fundraising Committee Update

By Jackie Armstrong

Hello dear ICUB friends! I am happy to announce that the Schwann’s fundraising project has contributed $223.00 to ICUB through mid-June. Thanks to everyone that participated. This fundraising campaign ended on July 18th. But we plan to continually reactivate it, so I encourage everyone to give it a try if you haven’t already. Ordering is simple, just call 855-870-7208, and place your order for campaign #36462. I recommend ordering the pizzas or the signature ice cream bars!

We are also recommending an easy and simple fundraising opportunity you can do to help support our wonderful organization by simply posting a campaign on Facebook. Carrie Chapman recently posted and asked her Facebook friends to make a contribution to ICUB on her birthday. This simple gesture raised $300! This can be done by any of us, and if you are interested in following suit, go to or contact Carrie to guide you through the process!

You too can be active in ICUB by volunteering to participate on the fundraising committee. We need your ideas, knowledge or experience! Give me a call or drop me a line anytime at 641-590-6755 or at

Membership Committee Report

By Teresa Gregg

During the ICUB State Convention in April, the Membership Committee gave out four awards which consisted of a metal key chain with the word “faith” embossed in braille and print with a cross cut out:

· Team Awesome – awarded to Lori Trujillo on behalf of the Des Moines Chapter for all her hard work on behalf of ICUB

· Ace of Initiative – awarded to Don Wirth for stepping up and being involved in several ICUB committees and for his experience and knowledge he is willing to share

· Standing Ovation – awarded to Norma Boge for her dedication to the ICUB Bulletin as she steps down from her role as co-editor this summer

· Constant Contributor – awarded to Catherine Witte for her dedication to ICUB and for being an invaluable and superb State Secretary

A train whistle was brought to the ICUB State Convention and each time the whistle blew everyone stood up and cheered “we can unite the blind”. It was a fun and energetic motivator from the Membership Committee which was streamed live on ACB Radio by Tyler Juranek. Maybe we were able to help motivate other chapters listening in to ACB Radio that weekend.

Wow! My First ACB National Convention

By Becky Dunkerson

Hello everyone, this is Becky Dunkerson. I want to first of all thank each of you for being a part of ICUB whether you are in my chapter (Des Moines), or another in the state of Iowa. Because of ICUB and you, I was a lucky recipient of the DKM (Durward K McDaniel) First Timers Scholarship award from ACB. Durward was a founding father of ACB and was instrumental in moving it forward. This scholarship is awarded to one person east of the Mississippi and one person west of the Mississippi. It is available every year. Qualifications are to be blind or visually impaired, submit an application along with a letter of recommendation, and never attended a national convention. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to attend my first ever ACB National Convention in St. Louis. The national convention was more than I ever imagined in many ways. It gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand sessions with useful and meaningful information. It allowed me the opportunity to meet new people and gain new friends from other states and allowed me the opportunity to get to know ICUB members as well. This in itself was an experience to say the least. I met a wonderful woman from Pennsylvania and can say that we will become better friends after getting back home.

The exhibit hall was packed with many booths of various vendors and companies. A lot of technology devices for all levels of low vision and blindness with representatives that know their stuff. While their intent is to sell you products, the main goal is to give you hands on time with many of them and allow you to learn what is available.

While I returned home exhausted and filled with resourceful information, I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and experience. If you are wishing you would have been able to attend or have the inner desire to attend the ACB national convention, rest assured there are future opportunities. 2019 will be in Rochester, New York and 2020 will again be within reach, in Schaumberg, Illinois. Another great opportunity to represent Iowa and the Midwest.

Thank you for being a part of ICUB and thank you for allowing me to represent our state affiliate.

Life Coach Corner

By Teresa Gregg

In the last issue of the ICUB Bulletin we began to transform you by re-evaluating your legacy and values. In this issue we will be talking about your temperament. Temperament is how you behave or how you act and re-act.


List three adjectives that describe your temperament.

List three adjectives that you think others would use to describe your temperament.

After reviewing your values and the two previous questions, describe how you would like to demonstrate your temperament.

For more information about coaching contact Teresa Gregg, certified life coach, at 402.980.9980 or

Summaries of ICUB Board Meeting Minutes

By Catherine Witte

Summaries of approved minutes of several ICUB State Board Meeting actions follow. The meetings occurred on December 12, 2016; March 2, September 5, and two meetings on September 21, 2017; and February 8, 2018. A summary of the 2017 Annual ICUB State Convention elections and business meeting held on April 20-21 is also included although the minutes will not be considered or approved until April 15, 2018.

December 12, 2016: A quorum of Board members was present as were Chapter Presidents. Other than motions passed to approve standard reports—minutes of the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s Report—no other motions were made or considered.

March 2, 2017: There was not a quorum of State Board members present. Fifteen ICUB members attended. There were no reports presented or motions offered or considered. No official Board actions were taken. The primary purpose was to give an update and discuss the Iowa Department for the Blind’s dismissal of another ten people, primarily from the Library staff.

September 5, 2017: A quorum of Board members was present, as were four of the five Chapter Presidents. Minutes of the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s report were considered, moved and approved. A review of how we currently handle documentation and reimbursement of Conference expenses with ACB staff has resulted in some recommendations from them to assure proper documentation of such expenses. In the future, individual Chapters or the State may continue to recommend a maximum dollar amount to be spent on any individual(s)’ attendance at such Conferences. The individual must document all expenses for which he or she is seeking reimbursement and submit those receipts in order to claim authorized funding. This led to discussion of how to proceed when an attendee is not in a position to cover expenses and await reimbursement which led to a discussion of whether the State ICUB organization should acquire a credit or debit card. An ad hoc committee was appointed to explore the issue and make recommendations to the Board at a later date.

It was reported that our website is down. We are unable to access it because payment and authorized access was linked to CIP’s credit card, user name and password which we do not have. Board members have investigated other options for hosting the website and establishing access through HostGator. A motion was made to purchase a prepaid credit card to cover website maintenance costs seconded, discussed, and rescinded. A second motion to allow the activation of a prepaid credit card for no more than $600.00 to be used solely to restore and maintain access to our website was made by Tyler Juranek. Donna Seliger seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

No other motions were made or acted upon. Committee reports on the 2018 ICUB State Convention, membership and fundraising were given. The membership committee is working on tool kits for the Chapters and a Braille alphabet card with information about ICUB included on it. Discussion of fundraising options beyond our current efforts with Younkers coupon books and Amazon Smile resulted in a decision to pursue the Schwan’s Cares program.

September 21, 2017 (1st session): A quorum was present. Standard reports were not considered at this or the second meeting conducted on September 21. Both meetings were focused on considering and approving a drafted credit card policy for the organization. The draft had been sent to Board members. An ad hoc committee determined that a credit card was needed to pay for website fees, authorized travel costs and state hotel convention expenses. A policy will be developed to cover what travel expenses shall be covered for national meetings and how those will be documented. Three cards, each with a unique number, will be provided to the ICUB’s president, treasurer and secretary minimizing change. When one person leaves office, only one card needs a replacement. ICUB will be responsible for only $50.00 of any fraudulent charges should a card be lost or stolen. A change was suggested in the draft policy which referred to ICUB’s travel policy which does not yet exist. That phrase was omitted. Don Wirth moved and Robert Spangler seconded adoption of the credit card policy as drafted, excluding the reference in Section V to a “travel policy.” The motion passed unanimously.

September 21, 2017 (2nd session): The same quorum of members was present as at the earlier session this evening. Minutes of the first session were approved as presented. No further motions were made. Discussion items included two financial notes. Unspent Prairie Meadows grant funds for the “Voting is for Every One” project in the amount of $673.19 will be returned. The final bill to the Holiday Inn had been under review. It was determined that ICUB was overcharged. The bill was appropriately adjusted and has been paid. Carrie reported that our website is not yet restored, but it will be up shortly.

February 8, 2018: A quorum of Board members was present as were several Chapter Presidents. Minutes and the Treasurer’s reports were moved, seconded and approved. The Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB) budget request for 2018-2019 was discussed. IDB Director Emily Wharton has asked for ICUB’s support for the budget. The Governor’s current proposal requests an $18,000 cut in state dollars which means four times as much loss in federal dollars. The Department says it can absorb the loss because laws passed last year gutted the union and decreased health insurance costs for the employer, plus the agency lost several more positions as well. As bad as it is, agency staff is content with the limited cut. The agency’s goal is to prevent any greater loss. We are being asked, through Carrie, that ICUB write a letter to the appropriations committee(s) and any other significant persons supporting the Department’s full request at most or not reducing the budget beyond what the Governor is suggesting. It was moved and seconded that Carrie do so. The motion was unanimously approved.

No other motions were offered or acted upon. Teresa Gregg reported on behalf of the Membership Committee. Progress continues on tool kits and Braille cards. They are also pursuing funding for a “Nominate your favorite teacher of the visually impaired award” to be given at the 2019 State convention. The initiative would bring ICUB to the attention of children who nominate teachers, their families, educators and local schools.

Fundraising: Jackie Armstrong reported that the Schwan Cares fundraising project is underway.

ACB Mid-Year Legislative Conference: Carrie Chapman, Donna Seliger, Lori Roush, and Robert Spangler are attending. Carrie received a scholarship from the Des Moines Chapter to defray her costs.