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Summer 2019

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If you or a friend would like to remember the Iowa Council of the United Blind in your will, you may do so by using the following language: “I grant, devise, or bequeath unto the Iowa Council of the United Blind, a non-profit charitable organization, the sum of ______ dollars, ____ percent of my net estate, or the following stocks and bonds (please list them) to be used for its worthy purposes on behalf of blind persons.” If your wishes are more complex, you may have your attorney call 515-279-4284, or write to the Iowa Council of the United Blind, 4013 - 30TH Street, Des Moines, IA 50310.


Do you need to dispose of a used vehicle? ICUB's Used Vehicle Donation Program offers a perfect solution. Your vehicle will be picked up from your home and sold at auction. A portion of the proceeds go directly to ICUB. You claim a tax deduction equal to the dollar value of the vehicle. Call 800-899-4925 for more information.


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Bulletin Table of Contents

President’s Message p. 4

2019 ICUB State Convention Memories p. 5

…And Mr. Jack Fox replied… p. 7

Online Shopping Resources p. 7

Sweets and Eats p. 10

In Memory of Those We Have Lost p. 11

Fundraising Committee Report p. 12

A New GICU Grant for ICUB p. 13

Membership Committee Report p. 13

Fifty Years of Blind Advocacy in Dubuque p. 14

News You Can Use p. 16

Changes at the Iowa Department for the Blind p. 18

Life Coaching Corner p. 19

Across Iowa At-Large Chapter Report p. 20

Des Moines Chapter Report p. 20

Resolution 2019-01 Accessible Absentee Balloting p. 22

Iowa Council of the United Blind Officers, Board Members, and Chapter Presidents p. 24

President’s Message

Carrie Chapman

Dear members and friends,

Another successful annual ICUB Conference and Convention is now in the books. Again this year, our many speakers and exhibitors did not disappoint. Honestly, it’s hard to pick out just one or two examples of speakers who did the most fantastic job. I think we can all agree, though that APH audio-book narrator Jack Fox could have presented most of the day and we would all have been content. Mistie Johnson, from Disability Rights Iowa, came with a wealth of knowledge about Social Security. We all took home something from her enthusiastic presentation. Whether you made some pineapple salsa in one of the breakout sessions, tasted some wine from The Cellar Winery, or visited the many exhibitors, there was something for every attendee. Thanks to everyone who attended, supported, and worked to make our 2019 Convention another memorable one.

Rather than present a repetitive update (see many excellent Convention reports further in the Bulletin), I would like to focus on all the many, many people who work tirelessly for this organization and never ask to be recognized—and rarely are. It takes time and effort to serve on committees, volunteer expertise, plan events, do outreach, and help in many other ways I have not mentioned. Please know how much you are appreciated and needed and that your hard work does not go unnoticed. We certainly couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

Carrie Chapman, President

2019 ICUB State Convention Memories

Don Wirth

Editor’s Note: Below are some of Don’s random recollections from this year’s ICUB state convention at the Holiday Inn in Urbandale.

After attending the convention for several years at this hotel, it should all have been familiar to me. But wait! Meetings have been moved to the first floor, and the hotel has done some major remodeling. Well, at least this definitely isn’t the confusing Union Station Hilton in St. Louis where the 2018 ACB National Convention was held…never felt like I knew where I was going the entire time I was there.

Okay, meeting rooms should be straight out from the registration desk. Now go past the hallway to Bennigan’s and on the right should be…hold it! What’s with all the tables and chairs? Where am I?

Turn around. Electronic doors on the right…yep, facing the registration desk again…make a 180 to head to meeting rooms…here are those tables and chairs again…scoot a little to the right…oh, there’s now a new business center in the middle of what used to be a hallway. Get around the outside of the business center, then straight ahead through the narrower hallway to the registration desk and meeting rooms. Now it’s getting familiar.

Attend breakout sessions. Carrie Chapman talking about online shopping and delivery services. Next a session on healthy eating with free food. Get a goodie bag with snacks. What’s this—they want me to chop onions, peppers and other things to make a salsa? I didn’t realize I had to work for my food. Ah ha! Passed the knife to Linda—she’s better at chopping than I am and I still get the free food…guess I worked that out right.

Check the time…food workshop running long…need to get to At-Large Chapter meeting. Go to wrong room…go to another wrong room…really late now…get to right room. Carrie Chapman lets me in. Where is every one? Meeting doesn’t start for another fifteen minutes? I had it wrong and the food workshop wasn’t running long after all. After that false start, the rest of the conference seemed to go rather smoothly…I only walked into the Business Center 5 more times on my way to the meeting rooms from my hotel room. Still a great improvement from my experiences last year in St. Louis!

So many convention highlights not in the formal agenda…

· Jeana and Becky at the registration table acting as traffic directors and handing out goodies shared with us by another convention group.

· Volunteers helping direct us when we needed help (never did find one at the door of the business center to say “Don’t come this way…stay right.”).

· Conversations during the sessions, between sessions, at the meals, at the break-out sessions, at the hospitality room. So many people, so many stories, so much sharing.

· The reaction to Jack Fox (Is this a rock concert?). Everyone was excited to hear from one of our reading heroes and to interact with him via FaceTime.