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IDB Job Opportunity

Location: Des Moines, IA Salary:  $17.43 HourlyJob Type:  Full-time temporaryAgency:  131 Iowa Department for the BlindJob Number: 24-01817Post Close Date:  March 1, 2024Point of Contact:  Ambrose Fowler-HarneyTo Apply:  All candidates are strongly encouraged to attach a cover letter and resume to the application.

Job Description:

This is a temporary non-merit posting.

LEAP summer staff will support the mission, vision and values of the Iowa Department for the Blind during our two-month residential summer program for youth ages 14-21. Summer staff will participate in watching youth challenge themselves and grow in their independence throughout the duration of LEAP. Roles will be assigned based on staff skills and student needs, but will include teaching daily classes such as braille, cane travel, access technology and career exploration as well as teaching independent living skills during mornings and evenings in the student apartments and during evening and weekend activities. Strong candidates will possess solid communication skills, maturity, the ability to follow directions and ask questions as needed, work hard and have fun, as well as a strong belief in the abilities of blind persons and a commitment to helping students grow toward their potential. Housing is available for employees who live outside the Des Moines area. Examples of duties:


  • Support student learning through braille, technology, personal management, cane travel, and money management instruction. 

  • Provide instruction in social skills, appropriate etiquette and self-advocacy. 

  • Reinforce blindness skills learning through assisting students with daily living tasks, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning and organizing apartments. 

  • Assist students in traveling to and participating in activities in the community such as eating at restaurants, bowling and rock climbing. 

  • Reinforce proper cane technique and other nonvisual skills during these activities.

  • Serve as a role model for students in the use of nonvisual techniques and problem-solving skills.

  • Ensure safety of students by monitoring student behavior and the student living areas.

  • Communicate with other program staff regarding student needs and progress. 

  • Document student progress including written student reports at the end of the summer. 

Essential functions of this position:

  • Demonstrate and promote a positive philosophy of blindness

  • Actively monitor student behavior and living areas

  • Communicate regularly with program leaders regarding student needs and concerns

  • Document student progress through detailed written reports

  • Demonstrate proper use of the long white cane

  • Read and write braille to support students in developing their braille skills

  • Actively participate in all summer program activities

It is the policy of the Department for the Blind to conduct background checks on all finalist candidates prior to any offer of employment.


Minimum Qualification Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalen

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