Canes in the Community!

Dear ICUB Members and Friends!

October 15th is White Cane Safety Day!

We want to promote this day by being in our communities. What does

being in the community look like for you?

Maybe it involves visiting the mall or catching a movie with friends,

going to work, taking a walk around your neighborhood, having a

cookout with family at home, or volunteering in your community.

As an organization of blind people that believes in blind people,

let's promote White Cane Safety Day this year by doing something in

our communities where we are visible to others, where we can be seen

living our lives as vibrant and integral members of the communities in

which we live.

Over the month of October, We can promote White Cane Safety Day by

sharing our experiences to social media. Send us your photos and

stories, and we will post them to the Iowa Council of the United Blind

Facebook page and website.

Submissions can be sent to the following email addresses: or

Let’s use White Cane Safety Day as a way to remind ourselves and

others that we as blind people are important members of our



The Des Moines Chapter, Iowa Council of the United Blind

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