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Des Moines Chapter Meeting

Good morning, members and friends!!


On Monday night, June 12, we have the special privilege of Jill Wells from the Harkin Institute coming to talk to us about her work with the Harkin Center.  Here is her description of her presentation:


The title of the Presentation is: THE BLACKBOARD SENSORY ART PROJECT

The questions are:

  1. What is art to you?

  2. What is accessibility to you?

  3. What makes art inaccessible for you?

  4. What is art's role in your life?


The BSA Project is at the heart of my Harkin Institute Fellowship work and focuses on data that drives change, and art that creates understanding, new forms of communication, and pathways into a more inclusive world. The goals of this project include socially engaged work with individuals of all abilities, through various interdisciplinary art workshops and talks to create new modes of working through the arts, that are inclusive and representational. Proactively collecting data, outcomes, and feedback to assess and understand the BSA impact, inform future programmatic development, and create progressive, inclusive, accessible new work focused on problem-solving and placemaking. 


Doors open at the Iowa Department for the Blind at 5:00 pm.  We will be having pizza from Domino’s.  The board has approved the order of five pizzas: one large pepperoni, one large sausage, one large works pizza, one large cheese pizza, and one large Canadian bacon and pineapple.  Hopefully, there will be something to satisfy everyone’s pizza taste. 


I am including the Zoom link, but I strongly encourage everyone who can, to come to our meeting in person.  Personal presence is vital to any organization, and we all benefit from physically being with each other.  So, please consider joining us, having some fellowship, learning from Jill Wells, and conducting our business.  If any of our members have anything they would like me to include in Monday night’s meeting, please email me at  I wish all of you a fabulous weekend.


Cody Dolinsek

ICUB, Des Moines Chapter President

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