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Girl Scout Cookie Extravaganza – February 12

Mark Your Calendar: February 12, 2024

Get Ready for a Sweet Adventure - Support Us and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Exciting Details:

Pre-Meeting Snack Attack: Delightful Girl Scout cookies will be available for purchase before our Des Moines Chapter meeting on February 12th. Pre-order to guarantee a box of your favorite cookies are waiting for you when you get there, but plenty of cookies will be waiting for you even if you don't!

Give a Little, Get a Lot: 20% of each box sold will be matched and donated to our chapter - let's aim for 100 boxes!

How to Join the Fun:

Pre-order Deadline: February 10th. 

Claim Your Cookies: Email us at to snag your cookie stash.

VIP Delivery: For the bulk buyers (five boxes or more) in the Des Moines area - we'll bring the joy to your doorstep.

Sweet Deal: Each box of cookies is only six dollars.

Join the Cookie Craze - Support the Girl Scouts and Our Des Moines Chapter of Icub!

Questions? Chat with us at 1-866-436-0141 Don't miss out on this scrumptious opportunity to contribute to a great cause! 

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